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Grow in Christ during the Fifty Days of Eastertide

Weekly Book Study Sessions - All Invited     


Beginning on Wednesday April 19, I am inviting any of my fellow Christ following, Bible Studying, Hermeneutics students (big word, cool meaning) to join me in reading and discussing an incredibly written book giving context to the culture, geography, and intent of biblical text. Sandra Richter (Seminarian professor extraordinaire) lays out the chronology and characters in the story line of redemption in a writing style that is easy to understand yet full of complex theological detail.   

"The Bible in all its parts, is intended to communicate to humanity the realities of redemption. Over the centuries, the church has stumbled when it has forgotten this truth, and had thereby, ironically, damaged the authority of the book from which it has drawn its life"..."This narrative begins with Eden and does not conclude until the New Jerusalem is firmly in place. It is all one story. And if you are a believer, it is all your story."

The Epic of Eden: A Christian Entry into the Old Testament

You can find the book on Amazon or other online book sellers.


The group will meet on Wednesday evenings at 6 pm in the Parish Hall. There will be an online option for those who cannot make it in person. If you have any questions, contact Dawn.

Dawn Milachouski at

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