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Couldn't make it to Church on Sunday? 
We miss you when you aren't in the pews, but you can still hear the sermons 

Special Programs

Overview of the Old Testament Classes

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Audio of Classes 

Lenten Series
Restoring the Shack

Videos are available to Amazon Prime members free. 

Lesson for Wed March 18   Part 1   Part 2    Episode 14

Second Lenten Video
March 25

Last Video
April 1


For Sermons prior to this, please check out the   Archived Sermons page.  

Stations of the Cross:  Please take some time between each one and reflect on the scene. Pray and contemplate before you move on. There is no rush.     

Station I      Station II      Station III      Station IV
                             Station V     Station VI       Station VII        Station VIII

                             Station IX      Station X      Station XI        Station XII

                                             Station XIII         Station XIV

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