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Wild Church

Join us on Sundays at 5:00 (Summer Hours)  at Transfiguration Preserve,  the pristine land where  the Sisters of the Transfiguration came for retreat since 1898 and which now, in collaboration with Conserving Carolina is a preserve.  (188 Mt Tabor Way) off of Highway 9 on the right, 0.9 mile from the intersection of 9/64/74 in Bat Cave.  Wear appropriate clothes for light hiking.  Bring a blanket or something portable to sit on if you like.  Bring an instrument if you play. 

Come worship our Creator in the Wild!

Mountain Breeze Article about Wild Church


When you close your eyes and think about the times that you feel closest to God, where are you?


  • Are you deep in a forest looking up at the trees at the sunlight shines through in beams of brilliant light? 

  • Are you on the peak of a mountain after a long hike looking down on God's creation? 

  • Are you sitting by the shore of a mountain river watching the water rush by?

  • Are you on a beach looking out at the vast creation of the ocean?


We don't just connect to God through a Sunday service in a church.  We feel God's connection to us as we interact with his creation.  When we are out in his glorious creation, we feel compelled to worship.  We feel the need to be Wild with God.


Wild Church at Transfiguration is a celebration of God's creation and a commitment to Creation Care.  It is a partnership between the Church of Transfiguration, The Sisters of the Transfiguration, and local ministers coming together to offer praise and worship in God's holy creation. 


The Church of Transfiguration is in a time of discernment to call a next rector, but the season to plant the seeds of Wild Church is upon us.  Lay Leaders in the church and some volunteer priest from the area have come together to create these opportunities of worship. 


The Sisters of Transfiguration have provided a holy place for our worship.  The vision for the Transfiguration Preserve is a stewarded, healthy and biodiverse ecosystem, with access for educators, students, researchers, and spiritual seekers at varying levels and abilities. The natural environment is the experience sought—where reflectivity, learning, spiritual connection, and exploration of the natural world can occur—in a landscape that has little or subtle evidence of human impact.


--Crystal H Morrison 

Church of Transfiguration 

Bat Cave, NC 

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