BYS is not currently meeting with children. The BYS adult team has been busy working on getting playground area and equipment cleaned and ready for the children at the school to use.  We miss the Children!

Backyard Sports began with a desire to meet an unmet need for our kids here in the Gorge.  We found that there were no opportunities for young kids here in the gorge to play sports and that most kids don't live in neighborhoods where they get to play with others on a regular basis.  We decided that an after-school program that allowed kids to run and play together while learning valuable skills about teamwork, winning and losing, and how to encourage and support  one another, would be our first step.

This ministry meets every Monday afternoon at Morse Park or the Church (depending on weather) when the kids have school from 3:15 - 5 and a snack is provided.  All children ages 5-12 are welcome to participate.  Please contact  Marily if you have any questions.

To participate in Backyard Sports, click on the above forms, print both forms, provide the necessary information, have them signed and return them to the Lake Lure Classical Academy office.

2018-2019 BYS Kids
2019 Volunteers
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