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Backyard Sports

BLESSINGS ABOUND! Last fall we were FINALLY able to get Backyard Sports up and running again after a 2 1/2 years hiatus due to the pandemic and bus driver shortages!! We registered over 50 kids. Monday afternoons in the fall were spent playing soccer at Morse Park. After the holidays, the bus brought the kids to the church to play basketball, dodgeball and some fun games and art activities when the weather didn’t cooperate. 


Each Monday afternoon, 12-14 volunteers looked after these kids who learned some basic skills and how to have fun with each other; how to be a good teammate and learn to be a good sport and to share. Spring time brought some street hockey, capture the flag, jumping rope, hopscotch and driveway drawing. 

We had our spring Field Day which was an afternoon of crazy races: balancing a grape on a spoon while running; dressing up in a big t-shirt, adding a hat and a pair of gloves between running laps were just some of them. They enjoyed flying frisbee through hula hoops and playing corn hole. 

Our Year End Celebration was great fun. Instead of their usual snack of protein, fruit and chips the kids got to make their own ice cream sundaes with about 12 different toppings to choose from. The rest of the afternoon was spent flying down the 18 foot high bouncy slide called Midnight Mountain. A wonderful way to spend the last afternoon of BYS for the school year. 

When you spend this much time with these kids, they get to know all the volunteers, and we get to know them. It is an important bond that is formed in this ministry that has been well received by the families, the school and the community. This Transfiguration Backyard Sports ministry truly Makes A Difference. 


Backyard Sports began with a desire to meet an unmet need for our kids here in the Gorge.  We found that there were no opportunities for young kids here in the gorge to play sports and that most kids don't live in neighborhoods where they get to play with others on a regular basis.  We decided that an after-school program that allowed kids to run and play together while learning valuable skills about teamwork, winning and losing, and how to encourage and support  one another, would be our first step.

This program is labor intensive so that we can provide the safety and security we require. The program has been very successful… the kids, their parents, the school (Lake Lure Classical Academy), the volunteers and the community all benefit and are anxious for us to continue.

We will need a large number of volunteers to help with this ministry which requires only your love and concern for these kids.  There is a signup  form for anyone wishing to volunteer. 

 Click Here for more information on Volunteering. 

This ministry meets every Monday afternoon at Morse Park or the Church (depending on weather) when the kids have school from 3:15 - 5 and a snack is provided.  All children ages 5-12 are welcome to participate.  Please contact  Marily if you have any questions.

To participate in Backyard Sports, click on the Registration Form and complete it, and then return to this page and print the  (1) Consent and Release form and (2) the Bus Form.  Please provide the necessary information, sign and return both forms to the school.

2018-2019 BYS Kids
2022-23 volunteers
Getting off the bus
Snack time
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