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Donate Online

We are excited to be able to offer two easy ways to give.  You may make a one time donation or a recurring one.    There is an option to sign in, in which case you would create a password and then you would be able to sign in at any time and see your giving record. 

This is not a required step. You can do all of this without creating a password. 

You will use the form to your right to pay with a credit card, debit card, or set up ACH to come directly from you bank. 


Finally, at the end, you will be given the option to choose to add to your donation the processing fee that would otherwise be charged to the Church. Please consider that option!  

Donate By Text

To make it even easier, you can pay by text.  Simply text to this number


You will see a link that takes you to our giving page.  The first time you do this, you will have to enter your credit card information.  Then, you will save the number like any other contact.  Maybe call it "Church Giving."   After the first time, you will simply text the word GIVE to that number and enter the amount.  Your information will be saved. 

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