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Fourth Sunday Hospice Pantry Collection

Hospice homebound patients need our help with food now more than ever.  There is a box in the Parish Hall at the Church for donations.  These are delivered regularly to Hospice to be distributed.  

The Hospice of the Carolina Foothills serves many patients who are under palliative care and are home-bound.  Some have no family members who care for them.  As part of this care, the nurses often take food or other comforting items to the home.  We have begun a once a month collection of items that are most frequently desired to help with this amazing ministry provided by these nurses and caregivers.  

There is a collection box in the Parish Hall.  You may drop off items at any time, but we have selected the fourth Sunday as our special day for collection. 


Food items need to be things they can just open and eat.  Most needed are the nutrition drinks. 

What Patients Need:

 Most needed are: Ensure or Equate or Boost and Glucerna (these provide the easiest access and the most nutrition )


Individual Jello and pudding cups

Individually wrapped soft cakes and cookies


Individual servings of pastas that can be microwaved

Individual fruit cups

Peanut Butter

Crackers in individual packages

Soup in individual microwaveable cups

Juice boxes

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