Mark Your Calendar

Due to restrictions caused by COVID 19, events after March were cancelled or changed, but this is what a normal month would look like during normal times.  
We hope to be able to resume these as soon as it is safe.

Bare Necessities      March 4 at 4:30 in the Rectory (This ministry is now working from home.)

TCW   March  10 at 12:30 for the meeting.  Come at 12 and bring a lunch.
(Not meeting now.)


Vestry in the Rectory on Wednesday March 11  at 2:00 pm  (Online meetings)

Pre-Eulogy Dinner  Thursday March 12 at 6 pm Lake Lure Inn (Not meeting.)

M&M    Wednesday March 18 at 1 pm Parish Hall (Not meeting.)

Adult Education  Three week special classes TBA   (Some classes online)

Backyard Sports    (on days when school is in session) During winter 

BYS will meet at the Church at 3:15 on Mondays  (Not meeting)

Firewood Ministry every Monday at 11  am  (Still meeting)