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Children's Ministry

Christian Education is an important part of our Children's ministry and we believe that this includes much more than just our Sunday School.  Our children are welcomed into every aspect of Church life. You will see our children taking part in outreach ministries such as Bare Necessities, serving as Acolytes, volunteering on Church workdays, helping with Church dinners, and hosting coffee hours. The Children's ministry includes celebrating holidays with Easter egg hunts, Halloween festivities, and visits from Santa at Christmas.  Movie nights provide an evening activity for the children and a night out for the parents. Backyard Sports is another ministry that reaches beyond our walls and into the community.  Through these many interactions with the adults in our Parish Family, our children know they are equal members of our Church community.


Our Children's Sunday School (for ages 5-12) is centered around two basic concepts.  Children need to have a relationship with God and children need to know that they are loved & cared for by the church community.  These tenets are taught through a curriculum centered on a beautiful book, Children of God, which was written by Bishop Desmond Tutu.  Instruction is provided through reading, listening, worksheets, music, games, and crafts.  With these tools our children learn the meaning of the words that God wants us all to live by, His Greatest Commandment, which states that above all else you Love God, you Love Each Other, and you Love Yourself.

Another resource our church has is a Children's Chapel.  It is used on various occasions, such as during the more adult aspects of potluck suppers and meetings.  The Children's Sunday School uses it as an instructional tool and guide to help the children learn the service and understand the roles and responsibilities of the service participants.  A Eucharistic Manual for Children, a book about the Episcopal service, is used as a guide.

Children’s Sunday School meets during the first half of our church service.  The children join their family during the Peace.

Children ages 0-4 are welcome in our nursery.  It is staffed by 4 teams of volunteers who rotate in on a weekly basis.  These familiar faces create a sense of continuity and security for our church’s youngest members.  Please feel free to stop by the nursery to see the wide variety of books, toys, and comfortable furniture selected for our youngest members.   

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