Bare Necessities 

Bare Necessities is not meeting as a group, but the work continues.   If you like to sew or cut out fabric, you can help with this project at home.  Contact Dawn for ways you can be involved.  This is an important ministry that is changing the lives.  You can make a difference.   
Dawn's email:

Bare Necessities meets the first Wednesday of each month from 4:30 pm in the Rectory.  
We do not usually meet in July and December 
All are welcome to come and participate during any or all of that time.

We want to share some exciting changes with our Bare Necessities ministry.  We have spent the last several years providing diaper and feminine hygiene kits to women around the world.  Moving forward, we are planning to take away the diaper kit piece, keep the feminine hygiene piece, and add on activity blankets for dementia patients.  This change is born out of a request from the hospice provider our church has partnered with (the same one that we connect with for the monthly food gathering), as well as a number of church members, and loved ones of church members, affected by this disease.  These blankets are similar to toddler activity blankets you may have seen, with bells, different textures, zippers, small stuffed animals, etc.   We will begin working on these activity blankets at our November 2019 meeting. 

Bare Necessities wrapped up its fourth year of service and here are some numbers:  

2015           95 Diaper kits           79 Feminine hygiene kits             4 Newborn kits
2016         110 Diaper kits          128 Feminine hygiene kits            2 Newborn kits
2017          68 Diaper kits           377 Feminine hygiene kits             1 Newborn kit

                2018         65 Diaper kits             63 Feminine hygiene kits            2 Newborn kits                

2019          35 Diaper kits          53 Feminine Hygiene kits              2 Newborn kits

The Bare Necessities ministry works to make a difference in the world by sewing reusable diaper and feminine hygiene kits.  These kits are then distributed globally through Sisters of Mercy and independent missionaries.   Since its inception Bare Necessities has sent kits to Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.  We also provide kits to Hickory Nut Gorge Outreach for local distribution. 


Gifts to make our Bare Necessities ministry possible have come in so many forms: monetary donations, supply donations, work days, "shoppers", people sewing and cutting out patterns at home, prayers, etc. 

Each diaper kit is contains two waterproof and size adjustable diaper covers, 10 cloth wipes, 10 diapers and 4 diaper pins. Items are packaged in a backpack style bag.  Each hygiene kit contains 2 waterproof breathable shields that hold flannel absorbers, 10 absorbers, 2 pair of panties, and a hair elastic.  These kits are also sent in the muslin bags. 


We also make newborn kits which include a handmade fleece toy, hat and blanket.  Thse are distributed in the Hickory Nut Gorge as a "welcome to the world" gift.


If you, or someone you know, is traveling on a mission trip and would be interested in taking diaper or feminine hygiene kits, please email us at

As this ministry continues, please keep it in your prayers. 

Amazon Smile is a way to bring a little extra money to our Church.  If you are an Amazon customer log onto Amazon Smile and follow their directions for purchases.  You still get the same prices and Amazon gives 0.5% of your eligible purchases to us.  Just remember to log in to Smile each time. Go to

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