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Bare Necessities

The Bare Necessities ministry works to make a difference in the world by sewing reusable diaper and feminine hygiene kits.  These kits are then distributed globally through Sisters of Mercy and independent missionaries.   Since its inception Bare Necessities has sent kits to Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.  We also provide kits to Hickory Nut Gorge Outreach for local distribution.   Since our beginning in 2015, we have distributed 490 Diaper Kits and 1000 Feminine Hygiene Kits.   


Gifts to make our Bare Necessities ministry possible have come in so many forms: monetary donations, supply donations, work days, "shoppers", people sewing and cutting out patterns at home, prayers, etc. 

Each diaper kit is contains two waterproof and size adjustable diaper covers, 10 cloth wipes, 10 diapers and 4 diaper pins. Items are packaged in a backpack style bag.  Each hygiene kit contains 2 waterproof breathable shields that hold flannel absorbers, 10 absorbers, 2 pair of panties, and a hair elastic.  These kits are also sent in the muslin bags. 


We also make newborn kits which include a handmade fleece toy, hat and blanket.  These are distributed in the Hickory Nut Gorge as a "welcome to the world" gift.


In 2020, the ministry decided add on activity blankets for dementia patients.  This change is born out of a request from the hospice provider our church has partnered with (the same one that we connect with for the monthly food gathering), as well as a number of church members, and loved ones of church members, affected by this disease.  These blankets are similar to toddler activity blankets you may have seen, with bells, different textures, zippers, small stuffed animals, etc.   

Bare Necessities wrapped up another year of service and here are some numbers:  

2015           95 Diaper kits            79  Feminine hygiene kits            4 Newborn kits

2016         110 Diaper kits            128  Feminine hygiene kits            2 Newborn kits

2017          68 Diaper kits           377  Feminine hygiene kits            1 Newborn kit

2018          65 Diaper kits             63  Feminine hygiene kits            2 Newborn kits 

2019          35 Diaper kits             53  Feminine Hygiene kits            2 Newborn kits
2020         18 Diaper Kits             50+ Feminine Hygiene Kits        10 Fidget Blankets

2021         40 Diaper Kits             110  Feminine Hygiene Kits 

2022           59 Diaper Kits                  140 Feminine Hygiene Kits                    Fidget Blankets

If you, or someone you know, is traveling on a mission trip and would be interested in taking diaper or feminine hygiene kits, please email us at

As this ministry continues, please keep it in your prayers. 

Bare Necessities 2022 Year Recap

   The Bare Necessities Ministry team worked throughout 2022 to create a total of 140  feminine hygiene kits and 59 diaper kits!  The first batches of items were shipped to  Dr. Vladimyr Roseau with the ALOM Medical Missions Team for distribution with their Women and Children's Ministry in Haiti.   Thankfully we had some expert help to coordinate the complicated shipping arrangements to ensure they arrived safely in the hands of the ALOM team.  Fidget blankets were donated to Cedar Creek Living in Rutherfordton and White Oak Manor of Tryon.  The most recent batch of diapers and feminine hygiene kits was blessed during our Christmas day service and was shipped to Indiana where they will join other supplies that will be shipped via container to The Luke Commission in Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland).   The Luke Commission serves the most isolated and underserved people of Eswatini with free, comprehensive, compassionate health care.

   The team of workers throughout the year  include staples Dixie Robinson, Marily Floyd, Anne Robinson,  and Sara Gray with guest appearances by Jeanne Taylor, Kylaia Taylor, Pamela Paulus, Kieley Milachouski, Morgan Milachouski, Shelby Kustak, and Ke’aira Taylor.  We traced, cut, sewed, organized and packed materials for shipping.  We are so thankful for their continued support.

   This ministry focuses on three main products: reusable feminine hygiene kits, cloth diaper kits, and fidget blankets (lap quilts to keep hands busy for elderly / dementia patients).  These items target some of the most personal facets of life for young ladies, women, and the elderly.  In the US we are fortunate to have safe, sanitary options for taking care of our personal hygiene needs as well as those of our babies, however in many countries around the world that is not the case.  In poverty stricken areas inadequate menstrual hygiene affects the health and development of adolescent girls. Girls are often unable to attend school during their menstrual and may also be more susceptible to sex trafficking or even early marriages.  Many mothers are unable to afford or lack access to clean diapering options for their children.  As aging people develop dementia or simply lose the ability to care for themselves they sometimes develop physical tendencies to pick at the skin on their hands and arms or loss of mobility. Fidget blankets are a fun and colorful distraction that provides a way to occupy hands and minds.  It truly is a blessing and a direct calling to provide items that care for “the least of these”.

     “And the King will answer them, ‘Don’t you know? When you cared for one of the least of these, my little ones, my true brothers and sisters, you demonstrated love for me.’  Matthew 25:40 (TPT)

In love and service,   Dawn Milachouski  


End of Year Update 2021

The Bare Necessities Ministry team has wrapped up another productive year!  Our last official work day in November was spent packing up products that we completed during the year.  I have been so grateful to all the hands that have continued to help with this very important outreach ministry in a variety of ways: from cutting fabric, sewing, packing, to donating time and money.  During another year made complicated by the global Covid-19 pandemic, our team worked from home and came together safely masked in small groups for socially distant workdays at the rectory.  Over 100 feminine hygiene kits and portions of the 40 Diaper kits were completed and ready for shipment.  We have coordinated shipping and delivery of these goods to ALOM (Alpha Omega Medical Ministry) in Haiti. We would like to thank DHL for allowing us to ship at their cost. 
The people of Haiti have been particularly devastated this past year by natural disaster, disease, and political instability. Due to these factors travel to the area is extremely challenging and so we are taking on the task of working out the logistics to get these kits from North Carolina to ALOM in Haiti!  Please pray that we can get these products safely into the hands of those that need them most! We are looking forward to new opportunities and partnerships in 2022.  


We meet on the second Tuesday of the month at 2 pm in the Parish Hall. Please join us!


"Carry one another’s burdens; in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ."


Love In Christ, Dawn Milachouski



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