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Firewood Ministry

The Firewood Ministry works in partnership with the Hickory Nut Gorge Outreach to help us identify those in need of firewood.  We typically have a wood cutting team led by Mark Hammon. He cuts the wood into rounds suitable for the log splitter. He also preps the site for when the splitter and trailer team shows up. The splitter team arrives and splits/loads the wood on the trailer and delivers it to the recipient. Since the Firewood Ministry got back up and running after a pause due to COVID in November, we have delivered four trailer loads of firewood to four recipients in the Gorge. That is approximately three cords.  We have recently gotten a new trailer and no longer have to borrow a trailer from Rob Fye

One awesome aspect I would like to note is the amount of support from members of the Church.  The ministry has grown from the start, and on one occasion we had ten people supporting at two separate locations.  Amazing!  


The ministry typically meets on every other Wednesday at 9 am. but check with a member of the team to be sure.  Weather and other factors could change the time. 

For more information or to ask about having firewood delivered to your home, contact Patrick Warncke or email

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